Allen Dentist Shares Four Benefits of All-on-Four

smiling elderlyDealing with dentures can be a daily struggle capable of wearing down you and your self-esteem. If your dentures slip often or even occasionally, you may be facing embarrassment each and every day. Ill-fitting dentures can also irritate the gums, adding pain and an uncomfortable experience to the list of your struggles. If only there were a way to restore your own natural teeth. While science has not yet mastered the restoration of natural teeth, you can turn to the next best thing: implant-supported dentures. With the aid of dental implants, your prosthetic teeth can look, feel, and function like natural teeth, and with the All-on-Four procedure offered by your Allen dentist, Dr. Marco Cueva, you may be able to get your new teeth sooner than you think.

Benefits of All-on-Four

  1. A natural feel. The difference between traditional dentures and implant-supported dentures lies in the source of support. Traditional dentures rely on your gums and suction for support, and even the smallest of miscalculations can result in an imperfect fit, which can cause slipping. Implant-supported dentures, on the other hand, rely on dental implants to anchor the prosthetic teeth. The dental implants are inserted into the jaw just like the roots of natural teeth, resulting in teeth that feel natural.
  2. Improved speech. Denture wearers often struggle with their speech because their facial muscles have to work to keep their dentures in position. The result is speech that is mumbled and sometimes slurred. However, implant-supported dentures are stable and do not require the facial muscles to keep them in place.
  3. A larger menu. Because of the added stability provided by the dental implants, patients with implant-supported dentures can eat tougher foods. Get ready for some steak, and feel free to bite into that shiny apple.
  4. Fast results. It may be hard to believe, but with the All-on-Four procedure offered by your Allen dentist, Dr. Cueva, you can get your new teeth in a single day. Just imagine walking out of the office with a new set of teeth that look and feel natural.

Schedule a Visit with Your Allen Dentist

Are you tired of dealing with your dentures? Schedule an appointment or a consultation to discuss the All-on-Four procedure with your Allen dentist, Dr. Cueva, today. Our 75013 dental office welcomes patients from Allen, Plano, Richardson, McKinney, Frisco, Fairview, Murphy, Wylie, Lewisville, Carrolton, and surrounding communities.

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