Allen Periodontist: The Secret to Preventing Gum Disease

While severe gum disease, also called periodontitis, affects nearly 80% of adults under the age of 60, the disease is highly preventable with proper care and maintenance. Unfortunately, once you develop periodontitis, it cannot be eradicated; the disease will remain, and preserving your oral health will involve vigilant care and professional maintenance. To help protect your smile from the wide range of damage that advanced periodontitis can cause, your Allen periodontist, Dr. Marco Cueva, explains what you should know to effectively prevent gum disease.

Attention to Detail

Hopefully, you know that brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day is one of the your most important responsibilities in dental hygiene, and necessary to control the buildup of bacteria and the plaque they form. Even when you diligently adhere to that schedule, however, you may miss a spot of dental plaque now and then, allowing the oral bacteria within the sticky biofilm to flourish and infect your gum tissue. To help clean up missed spots of plaque and it’s more stubborn form, tartar, be sure to visit Dr. Cueva as often as recommended for regular dental checkups and cleanings. Your visits will also allow Dr. Cueva to thoroughly inspect your mouth for signs of trouble; if gum disease is caught and treated early, then you may still have a chance of preventing the damage it can cause.

Before it’s Too Late

The infection that results in the development of gum disease, called gingivitis, doesn’t typically cause physical discomfort, and many people miss the signs that warn them of its presence. When oral bacteria gather in force, they can irritate and inflame your gums, causing them to swell, bleed, and separate from your teeth. If your gums appear angry, or if you notice a little blood when brushing your teeth, then gingivitis is likely present and gum disease is an imminent threat. To control or prevent gum disease from fully developing, visit our Allen office as soon as possible. With proper periodontal care, Dr. Cueva may be able to save your smile by preventing the formation of full-blown gum disease.

Treat or Prevent Gum Disease with Your Allen Periodontist

To learn more about how to prevent gum disease, or to seek treatment for existing dental issues, schedule an appointment with your Allen periodontist by calling (972) 390-9944 today. Located in the 75013 area, we proudly welcome patients from Allen, Plano, Richardson, McKinney, Frisco, Fairview, Murphy, Wylie, Lewisville, Carrolton, and surrounding communities.

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