Allen, TX Periodontist Explains Denture Placement with Sedation

woman with denturesWhat do you know about immediate dentures? Most patients have a working knowledge about dentures, yet immediate dentures is an unknown tooth replacement type. Oftentimes, the placement of immediate dentures is paired with sedation therapy to help the patient feel relaxed and at ease.
In today's blog post, Dr. Marco Cueva, your Allen, TX periodontist, explains the purpose of immediate dentures and why this procedure is completed with sedation therapy methods.

What's an Immediate Denture?

An immediate denture is a either a complete or partial denture worn right out of the office, on the day natural teeth have been extracted. This allows patients to continue daily activities with a fully functioning mouth.
When a dentist performs an extraction, he numbs the patient with local anesthesia. However, if the patient still feels uncomfortable, the doctor performs the procedure with sedation therapy in addition to the anesthesia. This helps the patient remain calm throughout the duration of the treatment. Once the necessary teeth have been removed, the dentist places the dentures upon the gum line allowing the patient to leave the dental office without any noticeable tooth loss.

Advantages to Immediate Dentures

  1. Due to the placement of the immediate dentures, people won't see you sans teeth. Additionally, since immediate dentures were meant for temporary use, creating a comfortable fit is quite simple.
  2. The placement of the immediate denture allows the gum line to heal faster with minimal bleeding post-extraction. This tooth replacement acts as a bandage, of sorts, to ensure food debris and bacteria don't affect the recovering gum line.
  3. The immediate denture gives you the opportunity to become acclimated with having a tooth replacement in your mouth. This includes learning to speak and talk correctly again.

Periodontic Excellence Provides Restorative Dentistry

For patients who would like more information about the placement of immediate dentures with sedation therapy, talk to Dr. Cueva. He can highlight the key benefits to this tooth replacement and provide an overview of the procedure. To schedule an appointment with your Allen, TX periodontist, call us at (972) 390-9944. Also, visit our website for services, patient information, to read more about the team. We look forward to treating patients from Allen, Plano, McKinney, Frisco, Garland, Richardson, and the neighboring cities.

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