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When patients come to a compassionate and highly-skilled periodontist’s office, they can get the treatments they need and deserve to improve the look and function of their smile. By using the latest cutting-edge techniques and technology, our knowledgeable periodontists by Murphy, TX can treat patients accurately and efficiently.

With dedicated care to everyone who visits this exceptional office, our periodontist, Dr. Marco Cueva, makes sure each patient is given personalized procedures for the best and most dependable treatment outcomes. Our patient focused office can give patients a healthier and more confident smile that can last for years to come. 

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Is it time to get your teeth professionally cleaned to make sure you are in good oral health? Suffering from aggressive gum disease? Do you have one or more missing or failing teeth that need to be replaced? Our practice will expertly and effectively treat these symptoms, and more, with customized procedures that will give you a beautiful, functional, and healthy smile again. 

When you get treated with advanced procedures like tooth cleanings, dental bonding & sealants, implant supported dentures, and All-On-4® denture implants by Murphy, TX, they can give you predictable and reliable results. You can live your life normally and comfortably because you will be able to chew, speak, and smile with your new and improved smile.

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Dental Implants In Murphy, TX

Two Single Dental Implants In A Patient's Mouth Graphic

If you are missing a single tooth in one or several places around your mouth, a single dental implant procedure can help you restore your smile.

With a single dental implant, the dental implant post is strategically and accurately placed in your jawbone. After the crown or prosthesis is placed, you can enjoy a natural looking and functioning smile.

When you get single dental implants, you are permanently able to replace your missing teeth.

a digital model of implant supported dentures.

Implant Supported Dentures

Looking to replace your traditional dentures with a more permanent and comfortable tooth replacement option? Implant supported dentures could be the perfect solution for you.

During your implant supported dentures procedure, two or more dental implants will be precisely placed in your jawbone in order to stabilize the denture.

With implant supported dentures, you will have a stable new smile that will allow you to eat and speak without your dentures falling out.

Full Arch Dental Implant Model

All-On-4® Dental Implants

Do you have a full arch of missing teeth? All-On-4 dental implants could be the best way to restore your smile! All-on-4 dental implants use just four dental implants to stabilize a denture or prosthesis.

Because the dental implants are strategically placed in your jawbone, you don’t need to get a bone grafting procedure before your All-On-4 dental implant procedure begins.

With All-On-4 dental implants, you can get a brand-new smile in one day.

a dentist holding a dental iv drip bag.

Sedation Dentistry

If you have anxiety about an upcoming dental procedure, or if you are scared of having a painful procedure experience, sedation dentistry could help you.

Oral conscious sedation and intravenous (IV) conscious sedation are the types of sedation dentistry options you can get treated with.

While oral conscious sedation is used for minor procedures, IV sedation is used for complex cases. With sedation dentistry, you can have a more relaxing and comfortable procedure experience.

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General Dentistry In Murphy, TX

Do your teeth need to be cleaned? Would you like your oral health to be examined while you are getting your teeth cleaned?

Tooth cleanings aren’t just done to clean teeth, they are also great for finding dental issues, preventing diseases, and cleaning the deep and hard to reach areas of your mouth.

A tooth cleaning can also be used as a preventative procedure so you can prevent dental issues from ever starting.

a dental tray being filled with teeth whitening solution.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Are you embarrassed to share your smile because you have stained or discolored teeth? You should consider getting treated with a professional teeth whitening procedure.

When you get a professional teeth whitening procedure, you can look forward to having dramatically whiter teeth that can improve the look of your smile.

You can get your teeth professionally whitened in-office, or you can use the advanced office’s professional teeth whitening kit so you can do it yourself at home.

a digital model of dental crowns and a bridge.

Crowns and Bridges

Are you missing a single tooth? Do you have several missing teeth in a row? You can replace these missing teeth with crowns and bridges procedures.

Tooth crowns are a type of tooth cap that goes over damaged teeth, giving you a more aesthetically pleasing and strong smile. Dental bridges use crowns on either side of the missing teeth to bridge the gap with pontics.

With crowns and bridges, you can restore your smile.

Dental Sealant

Are you looking for a way to prevent your teeth from decaying? Dental sealants can help you with that.

A dental sealant is a thin plastic coating that is painted and bonded into the grooves and depressions of the surface of your desired teeth, forming a protective shield over the enamel of each tooth.

Dental sealants prevent teeth from decaying by sealing out plaque or food particles that, if left on the tooth, can cause tooth decay.

The Top Benefits of Choosing Dental Implants

Getting tooth implants in Murphy, TX, offers numerous benefits:

  • Permanent solution for false teeth
  • Enhances the aesthetics of the smile
  • Improves overall function of the smile
  • Reduces risk of bone loss after extraction
  • The ability to eat the foods you love
  • No more embarrassing gaps in your smile

Why Choose All-On-4 Dental Implants By Murphy, TX?

a digital model of a top full arch implant prosthesis.

Restoring Beauty And Functionality To Your Smile With Just Four Implants

Do you have a full arch of missing teeth you would like to replace? Are you ready to upgrade from your traditional dentures? Luckily, All-On-4 dental implants could be the perfect tooth replacement option for you! Failure to get this smile enhancing procedure could result in you losing dental functionality and the confidence to show your smile. At its worst, a full arch of missing teeth could lead to jawbone resorption. 

That is why you are encouraged to get treated with All-On-4 dental implants by Murphy, TX. When getting your All-On-4 dental implants, the dental implant posts are strategically placed in areas of good bone density in your jaw so you don’t have to get a bone grafting procedure. 

With All-On-4 dental implants, you can benefit from getting a new smile the same day as your surgery with a temporary prosthesis. 

We Can Give You A Painless And Anxiety-Free Procedure Experience

Do you have anxiety about your upcoming dental appointment? Is your low tolerance for pain and strong gag reflex making it hard for you to get through the necessary dental procedures you need to properly take care of your smile. Lucily, this caring office can treat you with sedation dentistry options to help you get through your procedures.

Failure to get treated with sedation dentistry before a treatment in Murphy, TX could result in you having an anxiety-ridden and painful procedure experience. In the worst case scenario, you could end up avoiding getting the treatment you need all together. That is why you should consider getting treated with sedation dentistry at our patient focused office. 

Depending on your specific needs and wants, you can get treated with sedation dentistry options like local anesthesia,intravenous (IV) conscious sedation and oral conscious sedation to improve your smile.

Dr. Cueva Discusses The Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry

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Dr. Cueva performed my implant and follow-up care over 7 years ago. His professionalism and skills are superb and I have had no problems or issues with the implant. I still see him today at least every 6 months for a hygienist exam and cleaning. He also did an implant for my wife. His staff is so caring and capable; I would not want to go anywhere else! I highly recommend Dr. Cueva at Texas Implant & Periodontic Center.

Jerry C.

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With A Skilled Periodontist Near Murphy, TX

When you come see our periodontist, Dr. Marco Cueva, to replace your missing teeth, you can look forward to getting treated with a dental implant specialist who has the latest techniques and technologies for optimal procedure outcomes.

When you go to a trusted dentist for your general dentistry needs for procedures such as teeth cleanings, dental sealants, and crowns and bridges procedures, you can look forward to getting treated with the utmost care to keep your smile looking and feeling great. 

If you have a weakened jawbone due to bone decay, the best option is to have a bone grafting procedure before getting your dental implant surgery. After having a bone grafting procedure to restore density to your jawbone, your dental implants will have a strong foundation to fuse to for a lasting new smile.

Most people who are in need of a full-arch tooth replacement option are candidates for All-On-4 dental implants. Even people who have minor jawbone decay are still eligible for All-On-4 dental implants because of the way the dental implant posts are strategically placed in areas of the jawbone with enough jawbone density to support them.

With sedation dentistry, you can have a painless and anxiety free procedure. Depending on the type of procedure you are getting, and your personal needs and wants, you can get treated with forms of sedation dentistry like local anesthesia, IV conscious sedation, and oral conscious sedation. 

Teeth cleaning  procedures are not just done to clean teeth, they are also used as a preventative procedure. With professional teeth cleanings, the skilled dentist can prevent oral disease, decay, and cavities from even starting. 

Crowns and bridges are the perfect procedure options for you to restore your smile. Tooth crowns are a type of tooth cap that is placed on top and bonded to damaged teeth. A dental bridge uses tooth crowns on either side of the row of missing teeth to bridge that gap with pontics. 

To avoid cavities and decay, tooth sealants are a great way to guarantee dental health for years to come. Dental sealants are a thin coating that is painted on to the chewing surface of teeth. Dental sealants are a great way to keep children’s teeth healthy. 

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