Diet Can Help Keep Gum Disease And Decay At Bay

fruits and veggies

Diet plays a huge role in our lives. If you’re young and healthy, you might not think much about what you’re putting in your body, but as we age and develop ailments, we often are forced to think. Diabetics have to watch their diets closely. For people diagnosed with cancer there is a cancer diet, recommending foods that fight cancer directly and indirectly. And yes, you can help keep your teeth healthy by the foods you choose to eat. If you are interested in adjusting your diet, your Allen, TX, dentist, Marco Cueva DDS, MS, can suggest foods that will help keep gum disease and decay at bay.

Tooth Decay Is Preventable

Would you ever think of using soda in your car for fuel? No. Cars are complex machines and need specific fluids, such as oil and gas to run effectively. The same goes for our bodies. What we nourish them with determines our health, energy level, brain power, and well-being. And a diet high in sugar puts you at risk for tooth decay and gum disease. But tooth decay and some types of gum disease are preventable. Foods high in sugar include:

  • Sodas, sports drinks, and other sugary beverages
  • Candy: chewy candies are particularly bad for your teeth
  • Cookies, cakes, and other pastries

One way to avoid consuming too much sugar is to read the nutrition facts and ingredients on the label before you buy. Choose foods and beverages low in sugar and high fructose corn syrup. These sugars remain on your teeth attracting harmful bacteria, leading to plaque, and eventually decay.

Foods To Eat

There are certain foods you should eat that give you proper nutrition. Without the proper nutrients your body can’t fight illness or infection. Choose among the following types of foods to help maintain your health, and to help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Legumes
  • Low-fat and fat-free dairy foods
  • Protein
    • Dry beans and peas
    • Lean beef
    • Skinless poultry
    • Fish
    • Lots of water

It is not just what you eat, but when you eat that matters. When eating a bigger meal, the mouth produces more saliva. Saliva helps combat decay by washing away food particles, and remineralizing teeth with special enzymes. Snacking between meals does not provide the same benefits. If you do snack, choose healthy snacks such as carrots or celery (vegetables), apples or bananas (fruit), or cheese (dairy).

About Dr. Marco Cueva

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