Do Dental Implants In Plano, TX, Save Me Time And Money?

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One of the biggest headaches associated with having missing teeth or traditional dentures, is the need for constant visits to a dental professional. Over time, all those appointments to keep the patients mouth healthy, or to readjust their traditional dentures, end up costing the patient more time and money. To put an end to needless dental expenses and frustrations, people with missing teeth should go to a dental professional to get treated with tooth implants in Plano, TX.

Continue reading to learn more about how tooth implants will save patients time and money.

Costly Traditional Denture Adjustments Or Replacements Won’t Be Needed With Tooth Implants In Plano, TX

For the people who wear traditional dentures, they know how expensive they can be in the long run. Not only do dental patients have to keep buying creams and gels to keep their traditional dentures in place, but they have to either reline or replace them every few years. Traditional denture patients also have to watch as their jawline begins to change shape and shrink due to the progressive jawbone density loss that is caused by their missing teeth.

All these added costs — and unwanted effects on the patient’s self-esteem due to their changing appearance— can be put to a stop when patients get treated with tooth implants. Since tooth implants are made to be a permanent and customized tooth replacement option, they do not need to be replaced like traditional dentures.

Plus, the dental implant post, which is placed securely in the patient’s jawbone, will stimulate the jawbone so that it has enough density and volume to support the patient’s new smile. With tooth implants, the patient’s jawbone will get the stimulation it needs so they don’t have to pay for other restorative procedures later due to jawbone density loss.

Tooth Implants Are A Lasting Tooth Replacement Option

Because of the materials that they are made from, tooth implants are a durable and lasting tooth replacement option. Once the dental implant post is placed in the patient’s jawbone, it becomes a permanent part of their new smile. The dental prosthesis or crown that is placed on top can be lasting as well, with proper care and maintenance. Tooth implants won’t break or fracture, either.

Tooth Implants Won’t Cause Remaining Teeth To Shift

One of the reasons why it is costly to have one or more missing teeth, is that the remaining teeth may shift out of place. When missing teeth are not replaced by dental implants, they leave a gap in the patient’s mouth. This gap can cause adjacent teeth to begin moving out of place.


Avoid Unnecessary Dental Costs With Dental Implants In Plano, TX

Although dental implants have a higher initial cost than other kinds of procedures, they will give you a greater return on your investment. Don’t hesitate to improve your smile with us. Get in contact with Dr. Marco Cueva, Dr. Hunter Allen, Dr. Lucy Nagashima, and our exceptional team at our Texas Implant & Dental Specialists office to schedule an appointment today!

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