Failing Dentition to Perfect Smile

Unfortunately, many aspects in life can cause failing or missing dentition. From aging to athletics, the chance of losing a tooth is great. The culprits are different for everyone, but most often due to tooth decay or injuries. In other cases, chipped or crooked teeth result in an inaccurate bite that makes chewing difficult and leaves more room for plaque buildup. Fortunately, dental implants can fix the lost tooth issues that a lot of people go through.

Patients and doctors alike are turning to dental implants over any other dental replacement solution. This is because implants provide a stable and durable set of teeth, that are permanent, while also being natural looking and feeling. Dental implants are the closest thing available to natural teeth, and they provide a long lasting answer.

Dental implants start with the base of a titanium rod. This rod is placed into the jaw bone, which in a short time fuse together to recreate what once was your teeth roots.  From there, an abutment is placed on the rod, which is the middleman that holds the crown. The crown is made of porcelain, and acts as your new tooth. With proper care of your dental implants, they can stay looking as good as new for decades to come. The maintenance for implants are as simple as dealing with normal oral hygiene. Implants require flossing and brushing at least twice a day to keep them clean and perfect.

Depending on whether you're replacing one tooth or several, teeth implants may have varying prices, so consult your dentist before undergoing your dental implant surgery so you can make the right decision. If your dentist does not specialize in this procedure, it's likely that he or she can recommend someone who does.

Reconstructing your smile through dental implants is a great way to achieve your natural, permanent smile once again. If you are interested in the dental implant procedure, contact your dentist for more information. Your dentist will formulate a unique treatment plan for you to achieve your dream smile.

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