Gum Recession Is More Serious Than You May Realize

If you’re living with receding gums, you need to know that they don’t get better on their own. Recovery involves intervention. Even if your gum recession is minor enough to be reversed with stimulation and care, it takes treatments that eliminate the underlying problem. Usually, this is gum disease, and a periodontist like Dr. Cueva is specially trained to address those issues. Periodontists also receive extra training in the procedures that address the reconstruction of gum tissue after permanent damage from extreme forms of receding gums.


Health Risks From Receding Gums


If left unaddressed, receding gums will create progressively complex health complications for the patient, some of which have serious risks associated with them.


·         Tooth loss

·         Permanent gum and jawbone tissue loss

·         Dietary problems from discomfort eating

·         Changes to speech fluency and clarity


In addition to these risks, patients whose gum recession is caused by gum disease face all the escalating side effects of a worsening infection until it is addressed. This includes the risk of secondary infections that can spread to vital systems and become life threatening. It also includes an elevated risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.




Dr. Cueva takes a case-by-case approach to treating this issue. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, any of the following might be used on their own or in combination.


·         Dental implants to replace missing teeth

·         Periodontal treatments including the pinhole surgical technique to eliminate infection

·         Tissue grafts to replace missing tissue in severe cases


Depending on your symptoms, other treatments may also be available. If you have questions or concerns, the best thing to do is to schedule a consultation. Once the periodontist has reviewed your records and discussed your treatment history, it will be easier to answer your questions in detail. To schedule that appointment, give us a call during regular office hours and talk to our scheduling staff.

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