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Losing your teeth can have a number of effects on your appearance. Many patients missing all of their teeth appear aged, developing sunken cheeks or even jowls. Replacing lost teeth helps preserve your youthful features and improve overall health. Your Allen implant specialist, Dr. Marco Cueva, offers innovative implant dentures to return smiles to full function and beauty.

Allen TX Dentures Quiz

1. True or False: Tooth loss can make communication difficult.
2. True or False: The cost of your dentures will depend on several factors.
3. True or False: Your Allen TX implant specialist offers implant dentures.
4. True or False: With All-on-4, you can receive a full set of dentures in one day.

Answer Key

1. True. Losing your teeth can make clear speech difficult. In addition, patients missing all of their teeth must subsist on a diet of purely soft foods, limiting nutritional intake. Finally, tooth loss can be embarrassing and cause a patient to become self-conscious or to avoid social situations.
2. True. When creating a set of implant dentures, a number of factors must be taken into consideration: How healthy is your smile? Will you require a bone graft to support the implants? What materials will be used to fabricate your dentures? After a thorough examination, your Allen TX implant specialist can determine an estimate of the cost of your dentures.
3. True. Traditional dentures are removable and require adhesives. Between every 5 to 10 years, the dentures will require adjustment or possibly, replacement. With implants dentures, your prosthetic will be placed on implant posts anchored into the jawbone and provide long lasting restoration. Implant dentures are fixed and don’t slip during meals or speech.
4. True. With All-on-4, patients don’t require as much bone tissue for placement. In fact, an entire set of dentures will only require four implant posts on each jaw. A temporary set will be placed same day, so you can eat and speak with ease after one visit. Same day implant dentures save our patients both time and money.
About Dr. Marco Cueva: Marco Cueva, DDS, MS is a board-certified periodontist with extensive training in periodontology and implantology. New patients can schedule an appointment or a consultation by calling 972-390-9944.

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