Once My Dental Implants Are In Place, Can I Benefit From My New Smile?

a patient happily smiling as he's eating his bowl of food at the dinner table because he is benefiting from his new smile with dental implants.

For those who have one or more missing teeth, dental implants in Plano, TX can benefit their smile. Not only do dental implants give patients a permanent new smile that is comfortable and looks natural, they allow patients to live their life normally. With the dental implant post, the patient’s jawbone is stimulated so that their jawbone is kept healthy and dense. Continue reading to learn more about how dental implants can improve patients’ smiles.


What Are The Benefits Of Getting Treated With Dental Implants In Plano, TX?

What are the top benefits that come from getting treated with dental implants? Below are detailed explanations of how patients can benefit from getting treated with dental implants:

Get An Instant New Smile:

After patients get treated with dental implants, a temporary prosthesis can be placed on top of them while they heal and the final prosthesis is being made so they never have to be without teeth. Most patients can get their temporary prosthesis placed on the same day as their dental implant surgery.

Avoid Experiencing Jawbone Loss:

When people have missing teeth, their jawbone begins to deteriorate and resorb if a dental implant is not immediately placed. Since the dental implant post, which is placed in the patient’s jawbone, stimulates the jawbone like a natural tooth root does, the jawbone’s density and health can be kept healthy and dense.

No Need For Dental Implant Replacements:

When patients get treated with dental implants, it is a one-time investment. Once the dental implant post fuses with the patient’s jawbone, it becomes a permanent part of their smile.

Resume Having A Well-Rounded Diet:

Because dental implants are securely placed in the patient’s jawbone, their new smile will have stable biting and chewing powers so that they can have a well-rounded diet.

Will Be Able To Speak Clearly:

It can be hard to enunciate sometimes with missing teeth or traditional dentures. With dental implants, patients will be able to speak clearly without their dental implants slipping or falling out.

Have A More Confident Smile:

Many patients say that they find themselves smiling all the time after getting their dental implants placed. That is because they are no longer embarrassed about having missing teeth.

Easy At-Home Maintenance:

Keeping dental implants and gums clean requires no special maintenance beyond the at-home care that patients should do anyway – like brushing and flossing – with their natural teeth.


Come To Our Office So You Can Get The Benefits Of Dental Implants In Plano, TX

Do you want to improve the look and function of your smile with dental implants? You should come to our modern and caring office so you can get the smile of your dreams with this restorative procedure. With so many benefits, dental implants certainly live up to their reputation as being the gold standard way to transform smiles.

To arrange a consultation with Dr. Marco Cueva so you can get your personalized dental implant procedure you deserve, you should come to our office. Get in contact with Dr. Marco Cueva and our compassionate team at our Texas Implant & Dental Specialists office to schedule an appointment today!

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