Spring Forward With Dental Implants

Spring is a time when many people refresh their lives, from their homes to their wardrobes. You should have the same mindset when it comes to your dental health. If you have any missing teeth, then it is paramount you have our experienced periodontist replace them with dental implants. The health risks associated with gaps in a smile are too great to ignore. 

Jawbone Deterioration

Every tooth in your mouth has a root implanted within the jawbone. Roots secure your teeth into place, but they also stimulate bone growth. When the root goes missing, your body reabsorbs the bone tissue.  The weakened jawbone creates a sunken appearance in the face. Your lips and cheeks will age at a more rapid pace. Dental implants serve as replacement roots to stimulate the tissue and keep it resilient.

Tooth Displacement

Natural tooth movement will occur constantly throughout your life. However, when a gap forms, the teeth on both sides move to close the gap. This can result in serious misalignment that increase your likelihood of experiencing TMJ or extra wear on your teeth. This is a common reason why adults require orthodontic work later in life.

Degraded Health

A gap increases the surface area bacteria can attach to, increasing your susceptibility to periodontal disease. Additionally, missing teeth affect the kinds of food you eat. If you lose one of your molars, then you may have a more difficult time chewing fibrous foods. You may become more reliant on processed foods that are easier to chew, so you do not get all the nutrients you require.

Prompt Treatment

The longer you wait to get dental implants, the more you open yourself up to various health problems. Schedule an appointment at the office of periodontist Dr. Marco Cueva in Plano, TX, so we can begin the process of renewing your smile. 

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