The Benefits of Laser Gum Disease Treatment

graphic of a laser used to treat periodontal disease

When it comes to gum disease treatment it is very beneficial to receive laser gum disease treatment as opposed to alternative treatments. The main reason being is that laser gum disease treatment is more precise than the alternative gum disease treatment and it is also minimally invasive. When lasers are used to treat gum disease they allow for a faster healing time for the patient because they are minimally invasive, and they are able to precisely target the diseased gum tissue and not affecting healthy tissue.

How Does Laser Gum Disease Treatment Work?
When it comes to laser gum disease treatment the process is quite simple. The first step for treating gum disease with a laser involves using the laser to pinpoint and remove the diseased gum tissue. Then the next step would be to use the heat of the laser to form a clot in order to fully cauterize the area and
with this overtime the removed gum disease tissue will grow back new gum tissue that is fully healed.

Eight Benefits Of Laser Gum Disease Treatment
Laser treatment for gum disease is a new technology that is changing the way the condition is treated:

  • Sealing of deep periodontal pockets
  • Eliminates or reduces the loss of teeth
  • Regenerates ligament and bone tissue
  • No bleeding of gums after treatment due to the cauterizing of the wound by the laser
  • Reduced need for anesthesia, as pain is minimal
  • Reduced anxiety in patients that fear the dentist or any treatments
  • Healthy tooth is preserved during cavity removal
  • Minimal swelling when soft tissues are treated

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