The Many Benefits of Laser Dentistry for Gum Disease

If you deal with some form of gum disease, gingivitis or periodontitis, we have a solution for you that is minimally invasive and offers great results. Gum disease can lead to more serious health problems and poor oral health when not treated early. To counteract the negative effects of gum disease, Dr. Marco Cueva offers laser dentistry treatment.

The Dangers of Gum Disease

It is estimated that 20-30 percent of adults have gum disease that is serious enough that they may have to have teeth pulled, but this is just one of the dangers of leaving the disease untreated. Research shows a connection between poor gum health and the following: 

• Certain cancer 

• Poor pregnancy outcome 

• Diabetes 

• Stroke 

• Heart disease 

While scientists have found no direct link between gum disease and these conditions, this highlights the importance of treating gum disease as early as possible. This keeps the rest of your body healthy and your teeth intact.

Laser Treatment for Gum Disease

Lasers have become prominent in almost every industry, and they have also revolutionized oral health care. Traditionally, treatment involved scaling and root planing or gum flap surgery. With laser dentistry, Dr. Cueva uses a dental laser to pinpoint and discard any inflamed gum tissue around the tooth’s root. Once the infected tissue is gone and the root is exposed, the scaling begins. Scaling involves scraping off plaque and calculus that has built up around the root and below the gumline.
Once the area is cleaned, the periodontist uses special instruments to remove rough spots and smooth the root. This prevents future infections by warding off bacteria. After treatment, the root and the gum take a short period to heal and regenerate.

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If you have gum disease and you are interested in learning more about how laser treatment can make a huge difference in your treatment, contact Texas Implant & Periodontic Center to schedule a consultation appointment today!

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