The Overall Health Effects of Gum Disease on Your Body


Gum disease is an infection that follows gingivitis if it had not been taken care of effectively. Many people mistakenly think that gum disease only affects the gum tissue. Unfortunately, this is a misconception that can cause people to underestimate the potential harm diseased gum tissue. Gum disease starts in the gums, but can travel to the jawbone, and eventually deteriorate your jaw. Studies show that the effects of periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, can extend far past the gum tissue and cause disease and illness in other parts of the body. Here are a just a few of the conditions that have been linked to periodontal disease:


Heart Disease


When gum disease progresses, it can infiltrate the body, causing heart disease to occur. Gum disease and heart disease are closely linked to each other, and some studies indicate that having periodontal disease treatment could minimize adverse effects from heart disease. A possible explanation for the relationship between the two diseases is that bacteria found in the gums can travel through the circulatory system to other parts of the body and cause inflammation.




Diabetes and gum disease have also have a very strong connection, but doesn’t necessarily mean diseased gum tissue causes diabetes. Instead, the two conditions may share the link of excessive inflammation in the body. Some research shows that managing periodontal disease with procedures such as laser gum treatment could reduce inflammation throughout the body and have a positive effect on diabetes symptoms.


Esophageal Cancer


A recent study links gum disease bacterium to esophageal cancer. According to the study, those with diseased gum tissue have higher odds of developing esophageal cancer than those with healthy gum tissue. The esophagus is a sensitive and susceptible part of the body, so if bacteria is contracted from gum disease to the esophagus, it can cause major health problems. 


Discover Your Treatment Options


If you have periodontal disease and are not receiving treatment, you may or should be concerned about your overall health. Fortunately, you can take steps to minimize inflammation in your gums and body by receiving laser gum treatment from Dr. Marco Cueva and the other skilled doctors at Texas Implant & Periodontic Center. Laser gum treatment is a noninvasive form of treatment that will allow for faster healing time. Along with laser gum treatments faster healing time, it does not involve stitches which also cuts down on blood loss and damage of gums.

If laser gum treatment is something you think you may be a candidate for, schedule your consultation by calling Dr. Marco Cueva and his staff during regular business hours.

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