Understanding the Benefits of Laser Dentistry Procedures

The Texas Implant and Periodontic Center in Plano, TX is proud to announce the addition of Lightwalker laser dentistry to our line of procedures and treatments offered to patients. Many of our patients have asked about the procedure’s availability, and even more could stand to benefit from it, so it is important to understand how laser dentistry works in the treatment and prevention of conditions like gum disease.


Benefits of Laser Dentistry

When you sign up for Lightwalker and other similar laser dentistry procedures, you can expect a few differences from traditional gum surgery procedures:

·         Less blood and swelling

·         More precise targeting of the problem

·         Fewer visits to treat problems

These issues allow you to gain the benefits you need from the laser procedure with less pain and less time spent in the dental chair.


How Laser Dentistry Works

Laser dentistry has a variety of applications because it refers broadly to the ability to use focused light to cut, clean, and cure teeth in a variety of procedures. This can include the treatment of gum disease through the reshaping of gums and the removal of bacteria or the treatment of tooth decay, where the laser can replace traditional drilling tools in many cases.


Considering Laser Dentistry in Allen, TX and Plano, TX

If you have been suffering from the symptoms of gum disease, such as receding gums, bleeding gums or chronic halitosis (bad breath), now is the time to consider taking advantage of the addition of the laser procedures by making an appointment. If you are a candidate, these processes can greatly shape your experience, and since they are groundbreaking techniques, they are not available at every practice.


For more information about laser dentistry or to make an appointment to see Dr. Cueva at his facility in Plano, TX, contact our office today. Our staff is standing by to help you with anything you need.

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