What Types Of Dental Procedures Will A Periodontist In Plano, TX, Be Able To Restore My Smile With?

Dr. Cueva sitting across from his patient, looking at a graphic image of the patient's oral structures on a computer and deciding which dental procedure will best restore their smile.

By going to a skilled and highly trained periodontist in Plano, TX, people will be able to restore their smiles with state-of-the-art dental procedures. Whether people have a full arch of missing teeth, jawbone density loss, or gum disease, a quality periodontist will be able to treat those dental conditions with customized dental procedures, like the Pinhole Surgical Technique,  for their specific smiles. 

Here is more detailed information on the types of personalized dental procedures a periodontist will be able to restore a patient’s smile with.  


The Types Of Dental Procedures A Periodontist In Plano, TX Will Be Able To Restore My Smile With

Depending on each patient’s specific needs and wants, the trusted periodontist will give them restorative and personalized new smiles with the following dental procedures:   

Dental Implants:

Dental implants are considered to be a gold standard tooth replacement option. Whether people are missing one tooth or a full arch of teeth, there are dental implant procedure options that can fit their smile. Although dental implants cost more than traditional dentures and dental bridges, they give patients a permanent and reliable new smile. Plus, when placed by a knowledgeable periodontist, dental implant procedures have a high success rate. 

Bone Grafting:

Bone loss in the jaw is a common phenomenon among people who have lost teeth or whose teeth have been failing, diseased, or seriously damaged. In order to return the patient’s jawbone to its natural, healthy state, a periodontist will perform a bone grafting procedure on them. 

When a bone grafting procedure is performed by a talented periodontist, the procedure can be performed for restorative and cosmetic purposes. For example, a ridge augmentation (sometimes referred to as ridge preservation) treatment can correct a weakened, shrinking jawline. After a ridge augmentation, many people feel that they look more youthful.

Gum Disease Treatments:

When the area between the teeth and gums becomes infected with unwanted bacteria, it can result in gum disease. Gum disease can be treated or managed by a professional periodontist. At-home care simply cannot stop the progression of gum disease. And if gum disease is not expertly treated, it will lead to gum loss, tooth loss, and bone loss. With a periodontist, minimally invasive, technologically forward gum disease procedures can be performed. 

Gum Recession Correction:

When rampant gum disease, genetics, or aggressive brushing causes people to experience receding gums, they will be able to get a more evenly distributed gum line when the periodontist treats them with the advanced Pinhole Surgical Technique protocol. 


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At our caring and knowledgeable office, our periodontist can treat you with proven dental procedures. Interested in learning more about the types of dental procedures our periodontist can treat you with to restore the look, health, and function of your smile? Get in contact with Dr. Marco A. Cueva, Dr. Hunter Allen, Dr. Lucy Nagashima, and our exceptional team at our Texas Implant & Dental Specialists office to schedule an appointment today! 

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