Why Choose All-On-4 Implants?

Patients have become fairly educated and familiarized with dental implants and the benefits that come with them. Dental implants are an alternative to dental bridges, and come in many different forms. In the early days of implant development, single tooth replacement was on the controversial side of topics, and full arch replacements were still in the making. Today, both of those procedures are typical and occur on a daily basis by doctors. This means you can use implants to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth, with solutions for every tooth replacement need in between.


There are a few approaches to a full arch replacement, but the one that is quickly becoming the most popular is all-on-4® dental implant method. During this procedure, Dr. Cueva will insert four titanium posts into the jawbone so a complete denture set can be anchored to the set post. These titanium posts become the roots or base for your new teeth, and provide strength and security.


Applying the all-on-4® technique will diminish the need for more complex pre-treatments like

bone grafting and other similar procedures associated with single implants. The all-on-4® dental implant method also allows for a perfect fit, and will be implemented in one day, so the day you go in for surgery, you will leave with a smile.


The all-on-4® technique, is an implant supported denture procedure. This specific procedure allows you to not wait for your mouth to heal before you get your implants. This procedure allows the full restoration to happen in one day, so you can regain your confidence instantly.


Another benefit to implant supported dentures is eating their favorite foods. With dentures, some struggle with eating sticky or hard foods, leaving people with embarrassment. Implants allow for strong teeth, that you can treat like actual teeth. From eating to cleaning, your implants will stay put and act like your natural teeth without any concern.


For more information on all-on-4® dental implants, contact our office today by calling or visiting our website to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cueva. Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and will be able answer any questions you might have about all things dental implant and related topics.

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