Why Should I Choose To Get Treated With Full Mouth Dental Implants Over Traditional Dentures?

Dr. Cueva sitting across from a patient, pointing at computer images of the patient's oral structures before their full mouth dental implant procedure.

While traditional dentures can replace people’s missing teeth and give them an efficient new smile, they are not a lasting or predictable teeth replacement option. Full mouth dental implants in Plano, TX, on the other hand, restore the beauty, functionality, and health of a patients smile for years to come. 

There are numerous reasons why people should choose to replace their missing teeth with full mouth dental implants over traditional dentures. Continue reading to learn more about why people should get treated with full mouth dental implants over traditional dentures.  


Do Traditional Dentures And Full Mouth Dental Implants In Plano, TX Restore Nearly All Dental Functionality?

Traditional dentures cannot match the functional restoration of full arch dental implants. If people with missing or severely damaged teeth want to be able to eat all the foods they love and speak clearly and confidently, then full mouth dental implants are the better tooth replacement option over traditional dentures. 

While traditional dentures are unreliably placed on the patients gums with dental adhesives, full mouth dental implants use four or more dental implants to stabilize the prosthesis in the patient’s mouth. Unlike traditional dentures, full mouth dental implants won’t move or cause the patient discomfort while they are biting, chewing, or speaking. 

Can Traditional Dentures And Full Mouth Dental Implants In Plano, TX Restore Jawbone Density?  

When people have had missing teeth for a long period of time, the areas of their jawbone where their teeth are missing will begin to lose density over time. Unless missing teeth are replaced with a restorative teeth replacement option, people’s jawbone density loss will lead to them having a reabsorbed jawbone. 

While traditional dentures efficiently give patients a new smile, they won’t restore their jawbone density. Full mouth dental implants, on the other hand, have four or more dental implant posts that are made to act like natural tooth roots. When these dental implant posts are placed in the patient’s jawbone, they stimulate it so it is strong and healthy. Unlike traditional dentures, full mouth dental implants restore the patients jawbone density. 

Do Full Mouth Dental Implant Prosthetics Look More Natural Than Traditional Dentures?

For those who want the most natural looking tooth replacement option, they should choose full mouth dental implants over traditional dentures. While traditional dentures look bulky and unnatural, full mouth dental implants are custom-made to look natural and beautiful in the patient’s smile.

Are Full Mouth Dental Implant And Traditional Denture Procedures Ongoing? 

A huge advantage of full mouth dental implants over traditional dentures is that full mouth dental implant procedures are a one-time treatment. Once the full mouth dental implants have healed and a customized restoration is attached to them, the treatment is complete. Many people never even have to replace their restoration prosthetics. Traditional dentures, on the other hand, need to be relined and replaced every couple of years. 


Come To Our Office So You Can Learn More About Why You Should Get Treated With Full Mouth Dental Implants 

While traditional dentures will efficiently give you a new and improved smile, full mouth dental implants will restore the look, health, and function of your smile for years to come. Why wait to determine which tooth replacement option will best benefit your smile? Get in contact with Dr. Marco A. Cueva, Dr. Hunter Allen, Dr. Lucy Nagashima, and our exceptional team at our Texas Implant & Dental Specialists office to schedule an appointment today! 

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