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All-on-4® Dental Implants

Are Missing Teeth Holding You Back From Enjoying Life?

If you are one of the 35 million Americans with missing teeth, All-on-4® dental implants may be the ideal tooth replacement solution for you. Dr. Cueva is an experienced implant dental specialist and can help to restore your beautiful smile in just one day!

We love our patients and we want them to love their smiles, it’s that simple. The dental implant procedure allows people to look and feel confident in the way they look which improves their lives, jobs and relationships. If you’re ready to love your smile give us a call today to schedule your dental implant consultation.

Dr. Cueva Speaks About The All-on-4® Procedure

All-on-4 Dental Implants Can Change Your Life

Smile with confidence again with All-on-4 dental implants, an innovative alternative to traditional dentures. This procedure involves stabilizing a set of custom dentures in the mouth with just four to six dental implants.

Traditional dental implant options require you to live without your teeth while the area around the implants heal. The implant supported dentures procedure, however, is different. This advanced technique is designed to secure your restoration in place using highly stable dental implants that allow us to place your restoration the same day as your procedure. This means you will never experience the embarrassment of leaving our office without teeth.

The Benefits of All-on-4® Dental Implants

Getting All-on-4® at our new office in Plano, TX, conveniently located near our Allen, TX and Frisco, TX facilities, means you can walk in and out with a beautiful new smile in a single day!

Many patients are curious about implant supported dentures vs. traditional dentures. The biggest difference is that implant supported dentures are secured permanently in the mouth so there is no risk of slipping, clicking sounds, or discomfort. Everything is customized for a perfect fit. All-on-4 dental implants are also permanent and can not be removed so you never have to worry about leaving your dentures in a glass; keep your teeth in your mouth where they belong!

Rapid Improvement In Quality of Life

Unlike traditional dental implant systems, the All-on-4® treatment option can restore your smile in one day and you are guaranteed to leave our office with a full set of teeth. This quickly improves your ability to speak, eat, laugh, yawn and enjoy life confidently.

No Bone Graft Required

The dental implants used for the this procedure are designed to maximize the available bone in your jaw. This means many patients can avoid having bone augmentation procedures which helps save you time and money.

All-on-4® Has A Shorter Treatment Time

Because the All-on-4® technique does not typically require a bone graft, many patients can have the procedure performed immediately without waiting for grafts and healing time. This technique allows for immediate placement of the restoration so there's no need to wait before getting your new teeth.

Free Consultation & CT scan (for qualified All-on-4® patients)

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Why Choose Dr. Cueva for All-on-4®?

Dr. Marco Cueva is Board Certified by the American Board of Periodontology and affiliated with International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He has over 27 years of periodontal experience and has placed over 10,000 dental implants throughout his career.

Dr. Cueva believes in continuing his education and has attended many continuing education courses on the placement of dental implants and All-on-4® techniques. Dr. Cueva has attended the Malo Clinic Lisbon training facility, the world’s largest center for implantology and dental aesthetics and has trained with the inventor of the technique, Dr. Paulo Malo.

Dr. Cueva also helps train new periodontists at Baylor College of Dentistry where he teaches courses on periodontal techniques.

If you’re looking for an exceptional periodontist in the Plano, TX, Allen, TX, and Frisco, TX areas who has extensive experience with the implant supported denture procedure for the replacement of missing teeth in adults, look no further! We invite you to schedule your new patient appointment today – no referral needed!

How All-on-4® Can Save You Time & Money

Save time and money on teeth implant cost in Allen, TX and Plano, TX, with this innovative alternative to traditional dentures. You can easily offset the All-on-4® cost in Plano, TX, as you save money from:

  • Continual denture repairs and replacements
  • Denture pastes and adhesives
  • Bone grafting procedure costs for areas with missing teeth
  • Bridge work to prevent shifting teeth
  • Additional dental visits — All-on-4® will give you a new smile that same day!

If you’re considering All-on-4® to restore your smile, call us today to schedule your dental implant consultation. It’s time you enjoy smiling again; All-on-4® can make you look and feel 20 years younger.

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