Prosthodontist Plano, TX

The planning and commissioning of a complete smile makeover may necessitate a team of several dental professionals. More often than not, that team is headed by a prosthodontist. A prosthodontist focuses primarily on the restoration and replacement of missing or damaged teeth and creating functional, natural-looking smiles for patients.

A prosthodontist is available at Texas Implant & Dental Specialists in Plano and the surrounding area. Though much of what we do involves repairing and replacing teeth with a variety of removable or fixed prosthetic options, our team also corrects issues stemming from the lips, gums, and facial features. Ultimately, we strive to restore or preserve dental function, appearance, and health through proper diagnosis, treatment planning, restoration, and maintenance.

Whether you want to improve comfort and functionality, desire a more attractive smile, or both, a prosthodontist is the professional for you. Our entire staff stands ready to answer your questions and address any concerns. Call (972) 535-6555 to schedule a consultation with Texas Implant & Dental Specialists and the team today.

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